About SS Automation

We at SS Automation and Controls believe that the key to building lasting relationships with our customers is providing exceptional service throughout every interaction.

Who We Are

SS Automation and Controls is composed entirely of highly skilled industry veterans. Each of them brings their unique capabilities and fields of expertise to the table. We collaborate as a team to guarantee that your project is equipped with the necessary skill sets to succeed.

Relationships are what we value the most. We prioritize learning about your needs from the get-go so that we can provide a proposal that meets them exactly. We use the same systematic approach to planning and carrying out every project. We aim to build long-lasting partnerships with our clients by providing exceptional service and being quick to respond to their needs.

Our Mission

To help those in the automation industry achieve greater productivity, optimize and secure their facilities, and bring about a radical change in the industrial and manufacturing sectors.

Our Values

Integrity First

We pledge to be honest and transparent at all times. We adhere to the highest possible standards of honesty and always follow through on our promises.


We are a single unit, and we are committed to developing meaningful solutions that will drive forward the progress of the globe by working together.

Purpose Driven

We keep ourselves responsible for contributing to a better place via solutions, participation in society, business practices, communities, and the environment.

Customer Driven

We succeed when you succeed. Because of our quality of partnerships, we've gained invaluable insights and offered our clients first-rate services.

Future Driven

We have fostered a culture of innovation and perpetual development that compels us to find solutions to today's problems while looking forward to the next steps.

Why Choose Us

  • Saving you costs by informing you about cutting-edge manufacturing technology.
  • Optimizing mechanical & automation device compatibility via system consultancy.
  • Our employees are mostly engineers with advanced degrees, not salespeople.
  • Giving a wealth of insight garnered from long-standing ties with machine builders.
  • Our experts work with you personally to find an answer to your demand swiftly.
  • Finding out how much cost you may save by analyzing before you purchase.
  • Integrating complex systems as an expert and highly skilled systems integrator.