What Considerations to Make When Choosing a Robotic System Integrator?

Robotic System Integrator

Whether this is your first time integrating a robot or if you have done so in the past, when it comes time to make your next robotics integration, you will need to choose the appropriate robot integrator. But how can one know what characteristics to search for in a robotic system integrator?

Before we answer this question, let’s look at what exactly a robotic system integrator is and why it is necessary for you to have one. So, here we begin.

Robotic System Integrator

What Is A Robotic Systems Integrator?

Integrating industrial robots into a production line involves programming the robots and providing them with the necessary equipment to carry out automated manufacturing operations.

On the other hand, companies or platforms that can analyze your demands for robotic systems, design ideas and plans for your automation, and put the automation into production inside your manufacturing plant are referred to as robotic system integrators.

There are primarily two uses for robotic system integration: the first is in industrial robotics, and the second is in collaborative robotics. Let’s discuss them briefly.

Robotics That Work In Collaboration

The primary objective of collaborative robots (Cobots) is to complete a variety of responsibilities by collaborating with human workers. Collaborative robots may perform various jobs, from lifting and positioning large components using multi-axis arms to executing heavy-duty operations such as welding to compensate for workforce shortages or manage variable volume production.

Robotics in the Industrial Sector

Robots designed specifically for industrial usage are routinely put to work in a broad range of different types of manufacturing facilities to carry out repetitive jobs. The capacity of these robots to deliver consistent output without pausing for breaks is one of the reasons they are so popular. These robots are often employed to carry out tasks that need a high level of accuracy and repetition.

Reasons Why You Should Hire a Robotic System Integrator

Let’s speak about the benefits a good integrator may bring to your organization, shall we?

ü As highlighted earlier, an evaluation of the requirements of your facility, assistance in the development of an automation strategy, and the implementation of your automation solution are all provided by a robotic system integrator.

ü Not only that, but your integrator will also assist you in making your manufacturing procedures more effective to save time and money. Consequently, you will see cost and time savings throughout the implementation.

ü Robotic system integrators can assist in automating various processes, including but not limited to welding, painting, assembling, material handling, palletizing, and more.

Robotic System Integrator Hiring Tips

Well, here comes the time when we will explore important things to keep in mind when searching for a robotic system integrator. Let’s get started without any further delay.

Your Integrator Needs To Have Experience In Addition To A Credible Reputation.

There is a wide range of expertise levels among different integrators. You can work with either a small group or a large company, just as in any other field. Choose an integrator who has a track record of success and reputation working with companies that are comparable to yours. Give them an overview of your company and the tasks that need automation, and solicit their feedback after that. Inquire about any instances in which they have successfully offered solutions in the past.

Your Integrator Needs To Have The Capability To Deliver High-Quality Solutions.

Your integrator will help you carry out an examination of your present procedures. They will assist you in determining the sections of your application that would benefit most from automation and provide you with novel solutions to the problems caused by your application.

Your Integrator Is Capable Of Developing An Automation Plan.

Suppose you have located an integrator who has the necessary experience. In that case, you shouldn’t have trouble getting them to set out an automation strategy. This strategy will be adapted to meet your finances, technology, regulations, and safety requirements. Your integrator should figure out how to optimize uptime and productivity and also be able to build a strategy for how to keep you online 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Your Integrator Should Be Familiar With The Execution Process.

Your strategy for automation may seem fantastic on paper and in presentations. But in the end, it will need to function well in the outside world. An expert robotic system integrator understands how to conduct tests on the system’s components before putting it all together. Following the completion of the installation, your integrator should evaluate your equipment, make any necessary adjustments to maximize its effectiveness, and give training.

Your Integrator Needs To Provide Support Services.

Find an integrator competent to give continuous support after the installation and willing to do so. Looking for an integrator that will be in the business many years after your equipment has been installed would be best. Suppose your company operates in more than one place. Then you should look for an integrator with a broader network who can provide the necessary service worldwide.

Where Can I Locate A Robotic System Integrator That I Can Trust?

SS Automation and Controls, LLC appears to be the best place where you can get help from your robotic system integrator whenever you need it. It provides customer assistance around the clock.

At SS Automation and Controls, LLC, guaranteeing your success is our top concern. We are here to ensure that the process is carefully planned and performed, regardless of whether you are looking to broaden the scope of your activities, improve the performance of your technical systems, or boost the efficiency of your business. Because our staff has expertise in a broad range of business operations, we can guarantee that you will always get the most professional outcomes.

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